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Dank Gas Medicinal

Over the last 10 years Dankgas Medicinal has morphed from a medical clinic to a medical grade recreational boutique shop. At Dankgas medicinal we are all cannabis enthuses that all have a collective end goal; we believe that all Canadians and visitors of legal age should have access to Top Grade Cannabis and Cannabis products. We also believe CBD’s are a must please do some homework and compliment all your cannabis THC’s with some CBD’s to create a great dynamic balance aka homeostasis.
When it comes to growing cannabis Dankgas medicinal has one of the best cultivation teams in Canada. We do everything from cloning, tilling, ph balancing, hand trimming aka hand harvesting, hang drying and more. This style of growing creates that unique one of one boutique style of cannabis most Canadians are striving to find. Here at Dankgas we have taken things to a Federal Level of cultivating and processing cannabis and that includes practicing HASSP along with having a Quality Control Personal; you know your smoking the highest grade cannabis in Canada when you smoke one of our Dankgas Strains.

In addition to growing and providing a vase variety of top quality products we are offering these at wholesale prices with an added convenience. We ship all our products in black mylar packaging that is 100% smell proof. Take a look through our virtual menu, all pictures on our menu correspond exactly what you are ordering. Confidence is key when it comes to ordering online and we back all of our products with a “Family Guarantee” this means we only sell products that we would buy ourselves and share with our friends and family.

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