Mary’s Sativa Bunnies


These are Marys THC Bunnies. Every Customer Raves about these little fun-filled edibles. These are everyone’s little hidden gem.

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Mary’s Sativa Bunnies

The unique and enriched experience from Mary’s Sativa Bunnies Edibles, gives an extra delightful and efficiency, in reaching new heights while hopping through the day. With a few juicy bites of Mary’s bunnies, it helps trigger your creative thinking into gear, and brighten your day before comfortably putting you in a mellow state. Consuming yummy bunnies is a great way to medicate discreetly, with more reliable and standardized effects.


Yummy Bunnies are expertly manufactured with stylish and flavorsome ingredients.

  • Natural and Artificial Flavours
  • Cannabis Sativa
  • Sugar
  • Citric Acid
  • Gelatin


The Mary’s Bunnies are of three different packages with each package containing 4 bunnies, with a medicated prescribe dose of all.

  • Extra Strength package: 55mg THC, 0.53mg CBD, 0.52mg CBN.
  • Triple Strength package: 140mg THC, 1.35mg CBD, 1.32mg CBN.
  • Extreme Strength package: 300mg THC, 7.42mg CBD, 7.36mg CBN.

Suggested Use/Directives

It is very necessary and important to always start with just a small portion of one bunny so you may help determine your level of tolerance. Wait for approximately 45 minutes to which you may increase the dose if desired or necessary.


Manufactured and certified in an inspected facility, Bunnies should be store at room temperature for a period of three months or in a refrigerator for up to a year.


Please always keep the cannabis bunny product away from minor and pet’s consumption. It is important not to engage in operating heavy machinery or driving after consuming bunnies. If you are having medical conditions, breastfeeding or pregnant, do not consume Mary’s Edible Sativa Bunnies. Please accompany bunny consumption with a heavy and healthy diet, and comfortably relax while the delicious bunny slowly take you into a mellow state


Unlike most cannabis-induced products, the Bunnies are classified based on their strengths and as such range between $8.55 to $17.99.

  • Bunnies Extra Strength $8.55
  • Bunnies Triple Strength $11.95
  • Bunnies Extreme Strength $17.99


Additional information


Sativa, Indica


Small (55mg THC), Medium (140mg THC)


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