Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookie


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Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookie

Delicious Sativa/Indica Chocolate Chip Cookies are laced with a premium hand pick of Indica and Sativa strains. Infused with psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis, the Chocolate Chip Cookies come with the finest ingredients, and specifically formulated with premium-grade chocolate as well as hash oil butter. Sinking your teeth with each bite makes your day with a euphoric sensation and relaxing body high. These yummy delicacies are the best way to medicate while being discreet.


The juicy taste and fine the texture of Mary’s Sativa and Indica Chocolate Chip Cookies are made with the best selections of ingredients.

  • Chocolate
  • Sugar
  • Walnut Butter
  • Flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Eggs
  • Baking Soda
  • Vanilla
  • Salt

Packaging/Cannabinoid Content

Each Chocolate Chip Cookie package has a prescribed dose of cannabinoid indication per strength.

  • Extra Strength 55mg THC
  • Triple Strength 140mg THC
  • Extreme Strength 300mg THC


Use Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookies when having insomnia, to acquire a good and deep sleep. Elevate your consumption for pain and stress release. Eat some when a lack of appetite. You can better still consume for fun and relaxation but in a quiet and calm environment. It is recommended to start with a small bite (1/4 cookie) to determine your tolerance level.


Please always keep cannabis products away and out of reach of kids and pets. Always consume Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookies with food and wait for an hour for its full-time effects. Medically conditioned persons such as pregnant women should not medicate for fetus health purposes. Users should not involve in driving after the immediate use of cannabis products.


Cookies should be stored at room temperature and or refrigerated for long term use.

Beneficial Effects:

Mary’s Chocolate Chip Cookies consumption, help in putting you in a happy, calm, and relaxed mood. It also acts like an appetizer to boost your eating strength.


  • Extra Strength 55mg THC $7.00
  • Triple Strength 140mg THC $12.00
  • Extreme Strength 300mg THC $22.00

Additional information


Small (55mg THC), Medium (140mg THC), Large (300mg THC)


Indica, Sativa


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