Compassion Concentrates – Shatter – Premium (Gold)





Compassion Concentrates Premium Shatter  is a longstanding high-quality extract manufacturer based in BC, devoted to the art and craft of pure extraction using only pristine BC bud. Compassion Concentrates uses a closed-loop system with a 100-hour purge time for maximum concentrate quality. Compassion Concentrates extracts are tested at 77%-80% THC.

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Blue Dream, Dr. Kush, Godzilla, Hawaiian Punch, Pluto, Purple Rhino, White Widow, Green Crack, Girl
Scout Cookies, MK Ultra, Bubba Kush, Bruce Banner, Chem Dawg, Cookie Dough, Crème Caramel, God
Bud, Granddaddy Purple, Jack Herer, Moby Dick, Platinum Kush, Rockstar Kush, Romulan, Strawberry
Cheesecake, Violator, Watermelon, White Rhino, Acapulco Gold, AK-47, Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue


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