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The Compassion Vape Pen is a quality product that combines an innovative vaporizer pen with pure THC oil. Each Compassion Concentrates vape pen kit comes complete with (1) vape pen, (1) cartridge and (1) charger. The cartridges contain 0.8ml of premium cannabis oil at 77% THC for a potent and smooth vaping experience. Currently available in four flavors: Strawberry, Grape Blueberry, Green Crack God,  Pineapple Express, Watermelon, Mixed Berry, Sour Diesel,

Standard 5 10 thread – compatible with most vape pens.

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Compassion Concentrates Vape Pen Kit

The Compassion Concentrates Vape Pen Kit is an excellent product, which combines uncontaminated tetrahydrocannabinol oil with and innovative vaporizer coop. All complete set of Compassion Vape Pen contains a cartridge, one charger, and a vape coop or pen. The cartridge has a premium cannabis oil of 0.8ml at 77% THC, for a smooth and effective vaping experience.

Having two primary standardized parts, the battery enhances the cartridge in vaporizing the cannabis oil found within it. A prescribed voltage is indicated by vape oil producers, to better suit each selected cartridge. These devices are manufactured in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some Compassion vape pens contain an activating button to trigger the cartridge, while some are bottomless and simply activates with a draw by users.


Having a standard 510 thread which makes it compatible with almost all vaping pens in the market, The Vape Pen Cartridge currently provides users with a hand full of fruit flavor, which enables them to medicate while being discreet.


Don’t use a vape pen if you are not experienced with cannabis products. Please it is recommended to have healthy diets before using a vaping pen. Always start with a few draw which will help determine your level of tolerance. Refer to a medical practitioner if the cannabis product is okay with your health condition.


Please keep the Compassion Concentrate Vape Pen Kit away from suspected hands (kids). Sick, Pregnant or breastfeeding persons should avoid using vaping pen. It is required not to engage in-car driving or heavy machinery operations after any usage.

Lab Tested and Patient Approved

Manufactured in a certified and inspected facility


At just $60.00 at our online store, you can get for yourself a unique and perfect Compassion Concentrates Vape pen, and of course, take your vaping experience to the next level.



A kit contains a vaporizer pen, charger, and a filled cartridge.

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