Grease Monkey Budder




The Grease Monkey strain is medium to mellow as it eases users into its high, starting with small hints in the face, more focused around the temples and eyes.  Within 15minutes, it radiates a warm blanket feeling that flows through your limbs and into your core. Grease Monkey is known for its day time application but dont let this fool you, taking a double dose of this strain can put you in couch lock and you may even have to lock the fridge to be sure you dont clear out with the munchies.



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1G, 3.5, 7G, 14G, 28G

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  1. farm boy

    Lucky me getting this, its a beautiful saucy goddess of a budder. Before I smoked I was anxious and not relaxed. Took my regular sized dab and jeez this is a heavy hitter. Mind and body is relaxed and “gone” and its amazing. Truly grateful for the effects. The flavour as well just can’t be beat, with its full spectrum taste profile of organic terpenes leaves the mouth feeling satisfied.

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