Grizzlers Pre Rolls – Indica

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Grizzlers Pre Rolls – Indica

Grizzlers’ signature blends are produced with emphasis on quality and consistency. Available in both Indica and Sativa varieties, Grizzlers’ line of blended pre rolls offer an outstanding solution for any preference.

Premium starting material, careful production and quality assurance ensure an optimal smoking experience, every time. Grizzlers signature Indica and Sativa blend pre rolls provide an exceptional overall experience for a great value.

1 review for Grizzlers Pre Rolls – Indica

  1. Lisa Harkin

    I ordered these but got Jack hare sativa Van city rolls instead as I paid $20 to much on order over $300 shipping ?LOL my bad! I will buy again & review, been chasing Grizzlers INDICA premium pre-rolls since 2014! There standard peach sativa were good for $15 so guessing $10 more worth, heard its Pine Tar Kush mmm

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