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Buy Boutique Live Resin online in Canada. Full Spectrum Aroma – FRESH FROZEN Cannabis Plant placed right into an extractor to pull out all the aromas, colors, flavors of the beautiful cannabis plant.



Live Resin

Live Resin is a perfectly extracted Full Spectrum concentrates of the cannabis plant. They are associated as an excellent product, with flavorsome extracts due to their high volume of terpenes. The extraction process helps obtain all active compounds or desirable molecules, with its full flavor originating from the cannabis herb. Live Resin can be acquired in three different strains to which provides a discreet way to medicate. These strains include Sativa, Indica, and hybrid.

With a focus on collecting all flavor from the original plant, creates Live Resin as a more potent cannabis product, with an expert extraction method. They are extracted via the process of flash freezing, retaining the flavor profile of the cannabis plant.


Use a dabber which has a spoon-shaped tip to consume Live Resin. Preheat its nail with a gas-powered torch. Regulating the temperature of your nail is important, to which a perfect temperature range in dabbing stands at 157 to 204 degrees Celsius. It is good to heat your nail about the lower end to maximize the flavor potential of Live Resins. You can also use a nectar collector to consume it.


Manufactured in a certified and inspected facility, it is advisable to preserve the quality and strength of your Live Resin by keeping away from warm temperatures. Do not expose them to moist, light, and open-air conditions. Please keep the product in an airtight and lightproof ampule, to help maintain its original texture and consistency, as well as shielding the CBDs from degradation and stopping the terpenes from vaporization. If you want to purchase a Live Resin storage container, the glass or silicone concentrate storage ampule will be a perfect option.


Keep cannabis products from out of reach of children. Consult health care personnel before any use of cannabis products.


The Boutique Live Resin has an affordable price in almost all weed dispensaries for $25.00.

Aroma 9.25/10

Effects 9/10

Eye Appeal 9/10

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Sativa, Indica, Hybrid


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