Nugtella Hazelnut Spread

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This delectable distillate-infused hazelnut spread with cocoa is a culinary win, to say the least. Nugtella has a wonderful balance of flavors and can surely be spread onto or dipped with anything your heart desires, or maybe just devoured by itself one spoonful at a time. This lab-tested edible is infused with 200mg of distillate; meaning it contains four, 50mg servings. Despite being thoroughly labeled, we always recommend keeping medicated items in a safe place, away from unsuspecting hands. This is a non-GMO and gluten-free treat. Enjoy!

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Nugtella Hazelnut Spread

The distillate-imbued mouthwatering Nugtella Hazelnut Spread with cocoa is a delicious wine. This yummy spread has a magnificent balance of flavors, which can be spread onto a variety of flour baked dough. Edible can be consumed by itself each spoonful at a time. It is infused with 320mg of tetrahydrocannabinol, having 20mg THC in each tablespoon serving. The hazelnut imbued chocolate spread is a home-based favorite for many.


The vivacious delicious chocolate treat is manufactured out of perfect ingredients, to improve its taste and quality.

  • Cannabis oil
  • Roasted Hazelnuts
  • Vanilla Bean Paste
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Sugar


Distillate Nugtella Hazelnut Spread is produced in a one-cup jar, containing a prescribed cannabinoid content on each jar. With that said, it should be worthy to note that, each jar contains a mouthwatering 320mg of THC.

Legal Status

Nugtella Hazelnut Spread isn’t an authorized edible for household consumption. It is manufactured with a specific targeted population, for medical benefits only.

Infused Nugtella Hazelnut Spread Tetrahydrocannabinol Benefits

THC edible decreases the strength of neuropathic pain caused by diabetes, HIV, chemotherapy, trauma, and other health conditions. With a reduction in appetite and muscle wasting by life-threatening diseases (cancer, HIV), THC consumption in spread stimulates appetite and mitigate pain in these patients.


The hybrid hash oil-infused Hazelnut Spread with a 320mg of THC in each jar, is made for patients with a valid medical marijuana card. It is purposely manufactured to relieve pain and boost appetite.


It should be stored in room temperature or refrigerated for three months before expiration.


Infused Hazelnut Spread is sold at a unique price in most weed edibles dispensaries and offered at for just $20.00

Final Note

Its consumption by patients, is a safe and discreet way to medicate while adding THC to your day as medicine.

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  1. angela.d.matamoros (verified owner)

    Taste amazing,my only complaint is its small.

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