Orange Kush Strain – AAA+

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Buy Orange Kush Strain online in Canada. While the name orange stands for a fruit rich in vitamin C, there is also a cannabis strain not so rich in vitamins but comes with unique taste and potencies. With that said, let dive straight into analyzing the Orange Kush.

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Orange Kush Strain

Orange Kush Strain hybrid is a perfectly balanced 50/50 strain with THC fluctuations between 13% & 24%. Keep that in mind before taking down a doobie to your head. Orange Kush Strain has a blended aroma of a sweet orange trailed with a skunky yet spicy scent. The shape of these buds are different then the fruit, the buds are long and dense, with bright pistils and glitter to brighten up the flower.

Our in house “Heady” says, “Don’t let the name and smell of this bud fool you, this is a knock out flower as much as it is a tasty one to match. If it’s clocking out from life for a bit this is the bud for you, looking to chill with some friends or just watch some Netflix and kick back. This is the hybrid you are looking for – Enjoy.”

With a sativa and indica ratio tied at 50% apiece, sandwiched with a delicious citrus flavor to match, the Orange Kush is ideal for users seeking as strong hit (stoning effect). Like very few cannabis strains, 1994 saw the Orange Hush came in second place to win the High Times’ Cannabis Cup. All of which is credited to the crossing between the Orange Bud with OG Kush.


The Orange Kush Strain one of the easiest strains to be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and strives best in hot and sunny summers. Amongst other things, the strain is super tall if left unattended, spiced with its fluffy bud and long thin leaves. With a moderate yield, this strain takes an estimated 7-8 weeks for flowering.

Aroma and Taste

The Orange Kush strain is unique all around. Form its attractive smell, taste, appearance spiced with fragrances of sweet orange like its namesake, plus its sugar and spice type of aftertaste. This strain has it all and it is popular amongst millennials.


While this strain is noted for its THC level that ranges between 18% to 24% its CBD content on the other hand is relatively low. All of which is evident as it stands at 0.1%


While some studies say this strain is best consumed after a hard and long day for complete relaxations, its medicinal uses are outright amazing. They include

  • Relieve stress
  • Aches
  • Pains
  • Insomnia

Aroma 9/10

Effects 9.25/10

Nose 9/10

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2 reviews for Orange Kush Strain – AAA+

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Someone in the grow department knows what’s time it is.

    Orange Kush does not disappoint! In fact, I’m enjoying some right now while I do this review. It’s a nice rich full bodied smoke, great relaxing benefits – smokes good, rolls good, tastes good, smells good, and looks good.

    This order I got 3 strains and Orange Kush was my fave of them. Dank Gas really delivers with this one. And at that price, def worth it. A nice, long-lasting old school blaze. Get some!

  2. Lisa Harkin

    Very Good! The High I like Present Strong, chills you out with no laziness! Taste 8.4 orange Tic Tac’s
    Aroma 9.2 Orange Vicks Effects 8.9 Creeper with buzz coming in waves 1.5 hrs high! very good deal $70 14 pre-rolls
    Its a rare hybrid I give this AAAA status TY nice price, great bud, is it 19% THC feels Great!

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