Psilocybe Mexicana


Buy Psilocybe Mexicana online in Canada. Mexicanae Magic Mushrooms can be eaten, by chewing the mushrooms slowly, making the chemical compounds mix with your saliva.

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Psilocybe Mexicana

Taking to mind the diversity associated with cannabis and its varieties of induced products, one cannabis-induced product grabbing all headlines and for the right reasons is the Mexican Magic Mushrooms. Amongst other things, this cannabis-induced product is popularly known as the hallucinogenic mushroom, or better still the Psilocybe Cubenis Mexicana.

For rare cannabis-induced edible, the Psilocybe Mexicana was able to see the light of day thanks to the contributions of Albert Hofmann, who happens to be a famous chemist. Thanks to his contributions, researchers were able to identify that, Psilocibina is the known psychoactive component present in the Psilocybe Mexicana.

With that in mind, it should, however, be worthy to note that, one credible fact associated with the Psilocybe Mexicana is the fact that, the Mexicana mushroom though existed for more than 2 centuries has always been used in Mexico for magic rituals. In which this civilization entered in contact with spirits and celestial entities.

Effects of the Psilocybe Mexicana

Irrespective of the widespread notions or opinions surrounding the Psilocybe Mexicana, one thing makes this edible unique and that is its ability to take mushroom for the first time because of it’s light but surprising effects. With that in mind, a wide array of users are surveyed to prefer for their first experiences of the Mexican Magic Mushrooms for just one reason.

That is the mushroom ability to offer a complete and unique psychoactive experience with a gentle impact on the body. Some of which includes

  • Joy
  • Fun
  • Euphoria
  • Visuals hallucinations

As well as Experiencing visual hallucinations, which of course are known to last for about 10-15minutes after consuming just 5 grams of fresh mushrooms


As it is the case with most cannabis-induced edibles, users are edged to seek the counsel of specialists before using or consuming certain edibles. Also if you insist on dosing on the edible without seeking the counsel of a professional you should begin consuming very small quantities and upping the consumption level depending on how the edible reacts to the body.


Like most cannabis edible sold online, they all come with varied prices. As such, the Psilocybe Mexicana can be acquired for a price range of between $18.00-$240.00.



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