We are offering 3 AAA+ Indica strains – Tom Ford, Death Bubba, and White castle.

Enjoy a Bright and DankGas AAA Indica Strain at Wholesale price! During the Summer Months, we are offering our customers, new customers a Summer Special.




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The Summer Special Flowers (AAA+ Indica Strains) include the White Castle Strain, the Tom Ford Strain, and the Pink Death Bubba.

White Castle Strain

Seen as a Sativa dominated strain with a unique flavor, The White Castle has an average THC level of 13-19%. Its high comes with an increase in friendliness and leaves you with a good chatty mood. With a brilliant frosty blanket of bright white crystal covering this bud, it has a fluffy heavy light green nugs, with thin orange hairs.

Tom Ford Strain

Tom Ford is an extremely rare and highly-coveted strain. It is a crossing of two powerful indica strains (Death Bubba and Pink Kush). The Summer Special Flower is an indica dominated hybrid strain of 80% and Sativa 20%. Tom Ford is not an ordinary strain as its powerful indica is known for its impressive THC relaxation and concentrating effects.

Pink Death Bubba Strain

The Pink Death Bubba Strain is a hybrid of Pink Kush and Death Bubba, with a natural high THC ranging between 21-23%. These heavy buds are completely covered in crystals, giving it a tremendously frosted look, with beautiful green hues. The strain is great in appetite stimulation and pain relief.


Manufactured in a certified and inspected facility the Cannabis Summer Special Flowers are available in nine different purchasing packages and quantity.

  • Gram
  • Eighth (3.5g)
  • Quarter Ounce
  • Pre-Rolls (14x1g)
  • Half Ounce
  • Ounce
  • Quarter Pound
  • Half Pound
  • Pound

Medical Benefits

Summer Special Flowers provide numerous health benefits thanks to its indica concentrated substance. These benefits include:

  • Stress Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Increase Appetite
  • Treats Insomnia


Please vape Summer Special Flowers after healthy diets. Keep them away from the reach of kids. Do not operate heavy machinery after use. Sick persons should avoid the consumption of Summer Special Flowers, except after referring to health care personnel.


Summer Special Flowers are sold per grams needed, and as such, the prices range between $4.99 – $1,700.00.