Super Kush Strain – AA

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Buy Super Kush Strain online in Canada. While there is a multitude of reasons, why people use cannabis strains, the most common is either recreationally or medically. Whatever your motive for using cannabis strains is your satisfaction is all that matters.

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Super Kush Strain

Super Kush Strain With THC levels between 15% and 22% this is surprisingly mild to medium-high. This is a great beginner flower for new cannabis users. With orange hairs that cover this aqua colored bud the aroma is unique with pine and spice hints throughout.

For an Indica dominant strain the effects stay upward in your head with small effects in the belly regions.

This is a light strain that has had effects in the southern part of our body giving arousing and stimulating feelings.

Make sure your partner is nearby.

Whenever you need a strain to wind down and relax, look no further than the Super Kush strain. Being a cross and daughter of the Northern Lights #5 and the Hindu Kush, this strain is proud of its indica descent. The Super Kush is an ideal match for users seeking to ease stress without being stuck on the couch. Best of luck to anyone trying to find this strain outside of the West Coast, because this lady is mostly only sold in Canada as well as a few states in the US.


Although the Super Kush Strain is ideal for both baby smokers’ baby growers as well, its growth and flowing are suitable for indoors, this strain is ready for harvest 7 to 8 weeks. However and if left unattended it will grow very tall, making it tricky for an apartment or certain housing arrangements, so prune often.

Aroma and Taste

The buds of the aqua-colored Super Kush come in orange hairs, which is a combination of its earthy and floral aromas. One that is reminiscent of dried flower petals.


The THC and CBD content of the Super Kush cannabis strain is uniquely sandwiched with a THC content that ranges between 15-22% and a CBD of less than 1%.


While this strain possesses outstanding uplifting effect when you roll one what makes it, unique thanks to its medicinal prowess. One that sees the strain serve as a panacea for

  • Pain
  • Nausea
  • Low moods
  • Mood swings
  • As well as stimulating appetite

Aroma 7/10

Effects 8/10

Eye Appeal 8/10

Additional information


Gram, 3.5 Eights, Quarter Ounce, Pre-Rolls (14x1g), Half Ounce, Ounce, Quarter Pound, Half Pound, Pound

2 reviews for Super Kush Strain – AA

  1. Michael

    For this order, I purchased 4 strains – Superkush was one of them. It was just ok for me. The grow is good but I felt like the potency or effects were somewhat limited. Smokes well tho.

  2. Lisa Harkin

    5* 4 price! Great PK Super Kush Its mellow buzz 7.5 taste 9 smokes 10 enjoyable, social, party event weed!
    Price on point for midday to early eve with a nice lift. Recommend reorder. The competition here @ Dank gas makes this appear AA but for PK its AAA Love it! Many thanks

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