Mary’s Teddies


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Mary’s West coast Teddies

Mary’s West coast Teddies are excellent micro-dosing, with salacious and great results. They are an effective and enjoyable way to get an amazing night’s sleep and pain relief. With just a few chew, you will feel the waves of relaxation, accompanied by anxiety relief. Eating the flavorsome Indica gummy, leads to an uplifting euphoria, before bringing you down to a mellow state. These exciting treats are the best way to medicate discreetly.


With an excellent level of processing and ensuring clients get the best quality of cannabis products, Mary’s Indica Teddies are made with handpicking ingredients.

  • Cannabis Indica
  • Natural and Artificial Flavours
  • Gelatin
  • Sugar
  • Citric Acid

Package Contents

Yummy Teddies are packed in three different strengths, with each strength having a prescribed dose of cannabinoid content and containing four gummies each.

  • Extra Strength Teddies: 55mg THC, 136mg CBD, 1.35mg CBN
  • Triple Strength Teddies: 140mg THC, 3.46mg CBD, 3.44mg CBN
  • Extreme Strength Teddies: 300mg THC, 7.42mg CBD, 7.36mg CBN

Directions/Suggested Use

Before any use of Mary’s Teddies, it is advisable to eat healthy diets first. Always start with half gummy to determine your capacity of tolerance, and wait for 45 minutes for full effects. Slightly increase the dose when necessary and desired.


Always keep Teddies out of reach of kids and pets. After any use of cannabis products, do not involve in-car driving or heavy machinery operations. If you have any medicals conditions, breastfeeding, pregnant, or taking pharmaceutical drugs, please refer to a physician before use. Seek a medical practitioners’ opinion if product strength is accurate for you.

Storage/Shelf Life

Manufactured in a certified and inspected facility, the Teddies can be stored in room temperature or refrigerator for 3 months. It can be frozen for a year.


With respect to pricing, the Teddies are priced based on their strengths. All of which are evident as stated below.

  • Extra Strength Teddies $8.00
  • Triple Strength Teddies $12.00
  • Extreme Strength Teddies $17.99

Additional information


Sativa, Indica


Small (55mg THC), Medium (140mg THC)


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