Simplifying how CBD Works in the Human Body and WHY!

What is Health?

First lets talk about our health and us as humans; what is our health? I feel Healthy but am I truly healthy? I’m not showing symptoms of any disease or infections? I must be healthy then right? Wrong! Health means the physiology of the human body is in Homeostasis.


How does Human physiology work?

In general every aspect of the human physiology is based on the balance of polar opposites (Yin & Yang) this creates Homeostasis.  When your body is in a dynamic balance then your body is working properly and or running at optimal performance.

–Quick rundown on Dynamic Balance – Picture a wind chime outside sitting calm no wind that is dynamic balance.  There are different weights but everything is evenly set! Blow a little wind at that chime and you are moving all the pieces out of balance. Our body is set up like a wind chime – Sounds funny – but that’s how I see it.


The weights on the end of the wind chime represent “Signaling Molecules” we have 3 main sets of these molecules; Neuro-transmitters, Hormones, Cytokines. These molecules make up your immune system.

What makes this dynamic balance work is not weighing any one single “chime” down. If this happens the entire wind chime will start to shake and become imbalanced. Our bodies are smart the physiology will balance us out but in the time it takes us to balance we feel sick or under the weather!  If we do not get better we go to the doctors. The doctor will prescribe us a medicine for the specific problem we have. This will help fix the one chime but it sends another weight to a secondary or even third chime creating a sequence of imbalance of the immune system. Back we go to the doctors where we get another few prescription drug or drugs to balance these new issues. Now we feel stable and or copacetic right? Not exactly,  because the “wind chime” never found its balance, its being forced to balance from weights of the prescription drugs that are weighing on our “wind chime” and or physiology. This can only go on for so long until something breaks; our system is under so much stress and weight the break will send us to the ICU or worse!


How does CBD Work?

well we now know that the prescription drug works at the weight of the “wind chime” and creates more weight on our immune system. CBD on the other hand works at the point “Nexus of Balance” CBD receptors know the body is out of balance when we are sick. Unlike the prescription drugs that pull down our wind chime weights, CBD receptors are at the top of the “Wind Chime” and correct the issues were having without the weight of prescription drugs! This is huge because we all as Humans have CBD receptors throughout our immune system. When we take CBD it clings to our CBD receptors and works with our DNA Gene to correct the issues and complete the physiology and or dynamic balance. Our gene’s are our code for proteins, (Gene=Code=Protein=Strengthening Body)

CBD make over 1100 different Proteins in our body.


Bottom Line: CBD causes a cascade of Homeostasis in our entire Immune System. CBD is Not a supplement! CBD is meant for us Humans. In around the early 1990’s a Doctor out of Isreal discovered Endo-Cannabinoid System within our DNA. The Endo-Cannabinoid System is a network of cells throughout our body that has receptors for CBD, it actually is the largest receptor in our body (crazy right).

Ready to get Mind Melted!

Back in the 1990’s Dr. Mechoulam also discovered that we make our own CBD! There are two different kinds of CBD we create internally “Anandamide” and “2AG”.

“anandamide” is made when we are meditating and “2AG” is created in mothers milk and calms children down when breast feeding. Those two are natural CBD’s made within our human DNA.


To Conclude my little breakdown why give a crap about all this? Because we live in Urban North America and our physiology is under constant assault! There are crazy Environmental Toxins, Chronic Biological Infections, and Inflammatory Diet (Sugar intake).  All these negatives cause Immune Inflammation and or Brain Inflammation. There are so many issues in todays world that we can stop by just simply creating Homeostasis and or a Dynamic Balance.

Hope this little knowledge shows you or a loved one there is alternative medicine that has actually been around same length of time as Human. CBD!! The game changer!