The rise of the Cannabis industry in recent times can be attributed to a wide array of things. From legalization, the lucrative nature of the cannabis industry, as well as medicinal and recreational uses of the plant. Engineered by years of research a wide array of cannabis strains were able to see the light of day. One strain we shall be focusing on for this research is the sundae driver.

Bred by Cannarado and sent out as a phenotype for reproduction to the Jungle Boyz, this cannabis strain isn’t just smooth. It is also creamy and comes with a blend of both Fruity Pebbles as well as Grape Pie profiles. The buds of the Sundae Driver are light green sandwiched with purple accents and comes soaked up in sparkling trichomes. Unlike the other strains, the Sundae Driver offers a soft and calming high feeling just like its flavor. In addition, researchers opine that consuming the Sunday Driver cannabis strain makes you feel enriched.

Sunday Driver: The Origins and Appearance

Taking to mind the other strains, the Sunday Drivers look different when properly cultivated, dried, and of course cured. This is evident, as it will after the aforementioned process a dense covering of trichomes. With that in mind, ensure its trichomes visibility is apparent and glittering before making a purchase. The Sunday Drivers also comes in a wide array of colors ranging from red, purple, and blue. All of which demonstrates its genetic heritage.

Amongst other things, it should be worthy to note that, the parent strain of the Sundae Driver is a cross between Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie. Both of which

are recognized for their unique fruity and sweet profiles. Which of course are the sole reasons for their popularity in the cannabis market.

Sunday Driver: The Fragrance and Effects

Unlike other cannabis strains, the Sundae Driver possesses varying levels of THC. As such, it is advisable you have a look at its percentage before consumption. This is simply because the drug has the ability to trigger anxiety to some of its users. The Sundae Driver as its name sounds tastes almost like the dessert, more or less like the sugary marshmallow dust dancing diagonally across your tongue.

This becomes evident when you inhale the Sundae Driver with fine notes of chocolate syrup. Exhaling the content is fun to watch thanks to the notes of fruity pebbles, apricot, and undertones of Kush. While the Sundae Driver seems appealing and enticing, users should be aware of the fact of its’s stoning effect. Which of course researchers say it’s is deeply cerebral. Making it ideal for relaxations in the afternoon or evening without any heavy excitement.

Sundae Driver: Its Uses

According to a recent study, the users of the Sundea Driver attest to be happy, euphoric, giggly, relaxed and uplifted. With that said, there are very many benefits associated with this cannabis strain medically. This is evident as the Sundae Driver serves as a panacea for pain, stress, fatigue, depression, and headaches.

Final Note

Taking to mind the aforementioned point and facts related to the Sundae Driver, one of its most peculiar fact is that “it is ideal for users who aren’t ready for an explosive high. Amongst other things, the Sundae Driver always comes in handy for a multitude of reasons (recreationally or medically). Some strains similar to the Sundae Driver includes BlackJack, Blueberry Cookies, or Cherry Do-Si-Dos.